Eaglebrook Fosters Middle School Teaching & Learning

The Eaglebrook Center for Middle School Teaching and Learning is dedicated to researching and promoting excellent teaching, coaching, and mentoring through effective, evidence-based, teacher-student relationships.
The Center draws on Eaglebrook’s long experience with and commitment to fostering boys’ learning in a structured and caring boarding environment. The Center advocates for middle school practices that recognize changes in a dynamic educational landscape but also respects the learning that is present in these schools.
The middle school years are a critical transition in the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual lives of children. For over one hundred years, the faculty at Eaglebrook School have cherished and sought to develop the sometimes undiscovered potential of these young people, helping them to become lifelong learners. 
It is essential that we continue to hone our approach and technique in anticipation of the challenges inherent in the next century of the school’s work. To chart the best course for improvement we must:
Expand our collaborative efforts beyond our colleagues here to include those at other middle schools.
Better develop and share the evidence that provides the grounding for our practice.
Promote and engage an ongoing learning cycle with our faculty and administrators.
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