A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Academic Curriculum

Eaglebrook recognizes that boys in middle school learn in different ways, vary in their innate ability, and come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Classes are organized to meet the needs of each boy, and extra help is always available. 

Understanding Middle School Education

Eaglebrook School has earned a reputation as an innovator in middle school curriculum. The school year is divided into three academic trimesters with seven classes that meet Monday through Friday in a rotating schedule of six periods. Boys are assigned to the appropriate English and mathematics classes. In world languages, history, and science, students have some choices. The Art Department, academic departments, Athletic Department, and individual teachers offer elective courses that meet each trimester. These chosen electives give boys an opportunity to design part of their own course of study.

Middle School is a Transformational Time

The years when boys are in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades are years of tremendous growth. Not only is there physical growth, but in the classes and sports, these middle school students grow in ability to discover new knowledge and develop new skills. Boys who attend Eaglebrook School during their middle school years also learn responsibility and build their self-confidence as they must be on time for meals, assembly, classes, and dorm study. They must be prepared for classes and on the playing field for team practice with all of their equipment. As boys move through the grades, they begin to take on leadership roles and set examples of responsible action for the younger students. The school has outlined a set of Core Skills that are as much a part of the overall Eaglebrook education as academics.

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If you are interested in applying to Eaglebrook, please visit www.eaglebrook.org/apply to begin the process.

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