Serving Our Community

One of Eaglebrook School's Core Skills outlines the skills of citizenship, and by participating in the two kinds of activities below, Eaglebrook boys come closer to mastering those skills.

School Service 
This is considered as day-to-day services to our school community in which we all participate. This may include dorm jobs, KP, waiters, and assistant waiters, recycling, school store student volunteers, raking leaves on a Saturday morning, shoveling walkways and stairs in the winter, clearing ski trails, and the many other ways we can all help around campus on a daily basis.

Community Outreach 
This is defined as any activity that positively impacts the lives of people who live outside of our immediate community. We offer a variety of outreach opportunities to students such as Salvation Army, Community Meals, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice, Community Learn to Skate,  Community Learn to Ski, and the Food Bank.

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