Our Cherished Traditions

Throughout the year, boys look forward to taking part in traditions and rites of passage that build community and school spirit, including Sixth Form Assemblies, Home Nights, Hilly Chase, Country Fair, Winter Carnival, and Good Fellow. These traditions, passed on for generations, enliven the Eaglebrook experience, and they remain the most potent of memories for our graduates.

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  • Sunday Meeting

    On Sunday afternoon at 5:30, students gather in the Assembly Area. Our Sunday Meeting program focuses on spiritual growth. A variety of speakers from inside and outside our community join students and faculty for this weekly gathering.
  • Country Fair

    The annual Country Fair is held every fall on campus. Run almost entirely by students and their advisors, Country Fair is one of the great New England fall festivals.
  • Mountain Day

    On Mountain Day, we spend the day in Jaffrey, New Hampshire hiking Mt. Monadnock together. Students get to enjoy the outdoors and exercise while taking in the beauty of autumn in New England from a new altitude.
  • Candlelighting

    Before winter vacation, after dinner and caroling, the dining hall lights are turned off and the Head of School leads the Candlelighting ceremony. Sixth Formers come to the front of the room to have their candle lit, then return to their tables to light the candles of those around them.
  • Winter Carnival

    Eaglebrook’s Winter Carnival in February is the second oldest winter carnival in the nation and offers a variety of contests, races, and winter sports for students and their families.
  • Hilly Chase

    Every other Wednesday evening, students take a night off from homework and attend a Hilly Chase presentation in the assembly area. Hilly Chase nights include music concerts, dramatic performances, an annual talent show, and more.
  • Home Night

    On two or three Wednesdays each trimester, students join their advisor for dinner and a relaxing evening of fun and games. Home Night, one of the students’ favorite traditions, is a break in the middle of the week from the academic schedule when students enjoy a meal away from the dining room, a variety of activities, and no homework. 
  • Field Day

    Field Day is an annual competition between our six dormitories. Students participate in a variety of activities, including an egg toss, push ups, juggling, running, Frisbee throwing, wiffle ball hitting, and more.
  • The Good Fellow

    At the close of every school year, the members of the Sixth Form vote for a classmate who best exemplifies the spirit of Eaglebrook. That person is called the Good Fellow, and the reward for earning that title is a dunk in Whipple Pond.
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