Sixth Grade Curriculum

Active and enthusiastic, our youngest students enter Eaglebrook positively brimming with energy, eager to begin their journey on the Hill.
As educators, we understand that boys excel when they’re doing and trying, and we balance academics with hands-on experiments and lessons both in the classroom and outdoors. Our curriculum begins to build intellectual muscle, awakens creativity, and introduces our boys to what it means to be a student of academia, themselves, and the world. Whether we’re imparting organizational and time management skills or leading a physics experiment that leaves students in wonder, each boy ends the Third Form with the might, will, and maturity to thrive for the next three years.

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Third Form Core Courses

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  • English - Third Form

    Third Form English focuses on developing the skills to write clearly, read literature effectively, use grammar correctly, and expand one’s vocabulary. Students learn to annotate literature to help improve reading comprehension and an emphasis is placed on active reading. Throughout the year, students write journals, paragraphs, poems, and short stories with a focus on improving each student’s understanding of grammar, mechanics, and syntax. Vocabulary is studied through literature based words and the Sadlier program. Literature, both fiction and nonfiction, is studied in connection with the era being studied in history as well as the topics learned in science.

    Sample of texts used in the Third Form
    Tangerine by Edward Bloor
    My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
    Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare by A Wicked History
    When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Willis Holt
    The History of Eaglebrook by Thurston Chase
    The Adventure of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin
  • Field Trips - Third Form

    Field Trips are weekly occurrences for Third Formers and serve to enrich the studies in history and science.
  • History - Third Form

    Third Form History is a full year course and covers three topics: Eaglebrook history, and the ancient civilizations of both Greece and Rome. Students read from texts and supplement those texts by reading works of fiction that relate to the time period. Students are asked to draw connections between the material they are studying, their Eaglebrook experiences, and their personal lives. Class discussions often center on current events that help students understand the connection between studying history, their own lives, and the historical importance of geographical place and physical space. Students take notes, do nightly written homework, and take frequent tests based on their notes and reading. By the end of the year, the goal is for Third Formers to be able to analyze historical texts, trace cause-and-effect relationships, and generally develop the level of inquiry and academic focus necessary for lifelong learning and academic exploration.
  • Mathematics - Third Form

    Third Form Mathematics is a full year course. Students are introduced to problem solving and students review basic math vocabulary and skills: whole number skills, fractions, decimals, percents, customary and metric measurements, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, ratios, proportions, perimeter, area, volume, number lines, operations with signed numbers, and rational and irrational numbers. Once they have demonstrated mastery of these skills, they study beginning algebra which includes: algebraic vocabulary, expressions, variables, solution of linear equations algebraically and graphically, order of operations, exponential forms, and inequalities.  
  • Science - Third Form

    Third Form Science is a full year course that focuses on observation and inquiry based learning.  Topics of study include: the classification of trees and dendrology, invasive species, exposure to chemistry and physics, and field work in the area to support these topics. At the end of the year, the students’ final project consists of a comprehensive report relating their fieldwork to the topics covered during the year. Students keep notebooks that become both a resource and a record of their studies through the year in science. Being able to clearly communicate one’s thinking, both verbally, in writing, and in diagrams is an important part of Third Form Science.
  • Spanish - Third Form

    This course, required for all Third Form students, provides a structured introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Through engaging and interactive activities, students will acquire a foundation in basic vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills to allow them to communicate in everyday situations. This course is designed to provide a solid foundation for further language learning, develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish, and gain cross-cultural awareness and appreciation.
  • Woodworking - Third Form

    As is a tradition at Eaglebrook School, all Third Formers are assigned to the Woodworking elective. The goal of the course is to introduce sixth graders to the fundamentals of woodworking and assist them in the development of basic skills. Emphasis is placed on the responsible and safe use of both hand and power tools and on proper woodshop conduct. A cooperative atmosphere is maintained and overall good citizenship is stressed. Projects are designed sequentially to allow students to build upon their skill set and gain increased confidence in the areas of applied art.
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