What is Professional Development at Eaglebrook?

In order for the Eaglebrook faculty to be effective guides for our students, we believe it is essential that our teachers, coaches, and advisors regularly assess their performance and development in the classroom, dormitory, and sports fields. To facilitate this, the school’s professional development program is designed to encourage ongoing learning, self-reflection and thoughtful discussion with colleagues that will help a teacher see new avenues to success in his or her work as a teacher and a professional. It is intended to be a structured system that encourages each professional to evaluate and improve his or her own performance.

New Faculty Induction

Teaching at Eaglebrook begins with a substantial induction program that begins during the interview and continues through each faculty member’s first two years at Eaglebrook. Eaglebrook also seeks to develop its faculty's understanding of adolescent social and physical development and their general professional skills, particularly the ability to communicate with clarity and precision. The program is intended to provide new faculty with the philosophy and approach behind all of the school’s program and to facilitate each teacher’s increasing understanding of effective approaches in these areas. The program also features formal and informal observations and critiques in all areas of a teacher's professional work including dorm, sports, and classroom.
  • New Faculty Learning Week
  • JBSA Residential Life Conference
  • Weekly New Faculty meetings
  • AISNE New Faculty Conference
  • Regular conference and Mayer grant opportunities
  • Review team meetings twice during the first year and a third time in the second year of teaching at Eaglebrook

Ongoing Professional Development for All Faculty

Eaglebrook firmly believes that the best teachers for adolescents are professionals who are lifelong learners themselves. Therefore the school supports a robust program of professional development that allows for both school and self-directed learning.
  • Support for graduate education
  • Conferences
  • Summer Faculty Read
  • Mayer Grants
  • Weekly Faculty Learning Sessions
  • On-campus workshops with thought leaders in education
  • Faculty Review Meetings
  • Four-year Portfolio Program
  • Teacher coaching program
  • AISNE 10-Year Review Process 
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