Admissions Open House

On Saturday, May 4 from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. we are opening our doors to all members of the local community! Come meet our faculty and students as you learn about our unique learning environment for boys in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. 

Please call the Admissions Office at (413) 774-9111 or email admissions@eaglebrook.org to RSVP before April 20.
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A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Performing Arts

Classes in music and theater stress the many of Eaglebrook's Core Skills for boys in middle school. The Skills of Self Expression and Creativity, which are developed through listening, analyzing, practicing, composing, and performing music and participating in drama. These courses also allow students to continue develop or discover an interest or passion for music and helps students to identify what type of learner they are, which involve the Skills of Self-Advocacy and Accountability. Similarly, as most courses involve some amount of independent practice in order to make progress, they also work on the Skills of Organization and Time Management. Further, by learning more about the history and theory of music and theater, students gain information, which helps them develop the Skills of Critical Thinking.


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  • Ad Libs

    Open to Sixth Formers by audition. This ensemble of 8-12 singers performs mostly four-part contemporary a cappella music, though other genres are also explored. The group performs frequently both on and off campus, as well as once a year for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston. Students interested in singing with the Ad Libs are strongly encouraged to gain experience by first singing with the Chorus. Listen to the Ad Libs perform one of their signature songs.
  • Band

    The Band is a year long elective for students who play wind, brass, and percussion instruments. The group is for students who have had some previous experience playing a band instrument and offers the opportunity to play in a large ensemble. Differentiated instruction is a key component of the program, so all levels from beginning to advanced, are able to participate. Students are exposed to different styles of music from marches and jazz to current pop music. They learn note reading, develop proper playing technique, explore different styles of musical expression, and learn to use music vocabulary appropriately. The Band is also a performing ensemble and students perform on and off campus several times throughout the year.
  • Chorus

    The Chorus is a year long elective for all students who wish to sing in an ensemble. This ensemble is for students of all levels from beginning to advanced. Proper singing posture and breathing technique are taught daily, along with basic skills including note reading, identifying basic rhythms, and using music vocabulary appropriately. Many styles of music are practiced and performed, with the main focus being on popular music. Performances are given throughout the school year. 
  • Creative Literacy - Fourth Form

    Creative Literacy is a course required for all Fourth Form students. It is a basic music appreciation class that provides an overview of music elements, such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. This also gives students the opportunity to explore many different musical genres that they may never have been exposed to previously. This course touches on music history, the composers of a time period, events that might have helped to shape styles of music, stories of why the music was composed, and how different periods in history have distinct styles of music associated with them. Basic music elements are also taught such as note reading, identifying basic music symbols, and using basic music vocabulary appropriately.

  • Instrumental Workshop

    Instrumental Workshop classes are offered for beginning wind and brass students and for band students who are unable to participate in Band because of scheduling conflicts. For beginning students, a method book is used to learn basic notes, rhythms, and music vocabulary. Posture, embouchure, and other techniques are also taught on a daily basis. Beginning students continue to participate in all of the band performances by playing simpler parts that are written for their skill level. For more experienced players who have a scheduling conflict, another Instrumental Workshop class is offered and band music is the main focus along with learning basic musicianship skills.
  • Introduction to Acting

    Improvisation, pantomime, theater games, and voice training. (Trimester course)
  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band accommodates those students who have demonstrated both exceptional ability and motivation in Band. The Jazz Band rehearses twice a week outside of the academic day and is a year-long commitment. The group performs several times throughout the year both on and off campus.
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  • Piano Lessons

    Elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. An individualized modern approach to piano techniques including the Baroque to contemporary composers with development of musical skills through supervised practice and public appearances. Students interested in piano as an elective should fill out an interest sheel available through their advisor. Sectioning for piano is determined by a combination of the timely receipt of the interest sheet, the student's grade level, schedule, and availablity.  (Trimester course)
  • String Orchestra

    The String Orchestra is a year long elective for students who play string instruments. This performing group is a large ensemble that practices outside of the academic day, and it is for students who have had some previous experience playing a string instrument. Students are exposed to different musical styles from classical to pop. They learn note reading, develop proper playing technique, explore different styles of musical expression, and learn to use music vocabulary appropriately. The String Orchestra is a performing ensemble and students perform on and off campus several times throughout the year.

Introduction to the Performing Arts

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  • Mrs. Wendi Melnik 

    Chair of the Music Department; Director of Band, String Orchestra, & Jazz Band
    Loyola University, New Orleans - B.M.E.
  • Ms. Emily Landau 

    Teacher; Dormitory Advisor; Coach
    Bard College - B.A.
  • Dr. Adam Luker 

    Teacher; Dormitory Advisor; Coach
    University of Southern Maine - B.M.
    Florida State University - M.M.
    D.M. - University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Mrs. Emily  Luker 

    Teacher; Dorm Head, Coach
    B.M. - University of Wisconsin, Madison
    M.M. - Florida State University
  • Mr. Gary Maynard 

    Music teacher
    Berklee School of Music - B.A. Music
    Lyndon State College
  • Mrs. Linda McInerney  

    Middlebury College - B.A.
    University of Massachusetts - Amherst - M.F.A.
  • Ms. Shelley Robbins 

    S.U.N.Y. Buffalo - B.F.A.,M.F.A.
    California Institute of the Arts
    Manhattan School of Music