A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Summer Reading

Third Form (Sixth Grade) Summer Reading

Required Book For Students Entering Grade 6 (Third Form) in September

Required Reader: The River by Gary Paulsen
    • There will be a one-week unit focused on this book to start the year.
    • Bring the book with you to school and make sure it is fresh in your mind.
    • You do not need to annotate the book as you read, but consider the following questions:
      • Who was the protagonist and antagonist in the story?
      • What is an example of an internal conflict that Brian faced in the novel?
      • What is an example of an external conflict that Brian has in the novel?
      • Why is the river important?
      • How has Brian’s experience on the river changed him?
Choose and read at least 2 other books from the list below. Then, complete a project described below for one of the chosen books.
This is a project in which there is no right answer or solution; however, you must get creative! It is your job to creatively display these ideas, conveying that you read the book and have thought about the main character(s).
    • Possible examples of a project: a diorama, model, doll, poster, mobile, a Venn diagram, a pie chart, movie, anything of that sort.
      • Consider the setting of the book. When does the story take place? In the past, future, or even our own world? How does this influence the way you see the story and main characters….
      • When thinking about the main character(s) of the book of your choosing, what comes to mind? How do they succeed? Journey? Learn or grow? Even change for the worse?