Hundreds of alumni and parents have chosen to expand their support for Eaglebrook through gifts that address their own personal and family needs, and the future needs of Eaglebrook.

We refer to this as “planned giving” because of the careful process that brings about mutual benefit.
If Your Goal Is Your Best Option Is Your Benefits Will Be
Support our future without affecting your cash flow or portfolio now Name Eaglebrook as a beneficiary of your will or living trust Retain control of your assets during your lifetime and receive an estate tax charitable deduction
Avoid double taxation on IRAs or other retirement plans while giving support to our mission Name Eaglebrook as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, leaving other assets to family Eliminate income and estate taxes on your retirement plan; free up other assets to pass to your heirs
Utilize an overlooked asset to provide substantial support to Eaglebrook Donate a life insurance policy you no longer need; name Eaglebrook as the beneficiary on an existing policy; or name us as the beneficiary of a donor-advised fund Increase your ability to support us without affecting your lifestyle
Make the simplest current donation Give by check, debit, or credit card Receive an income tax charitable deduction and make an immediate impact at Eaglebrook
Leverage more generous support to Eaglebrook and avoid capital gains liability Donate appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds held longer than one year Buy low and give high - "tax-wise" support that provides you with capital gains tax avoidance and an income tax charitable deduction
Tap one of the most valuable assets in your portfolio to support Eaglebrook Donate real estate
Avoid capital gains tax, receive an income tax charitable deduction, and remove a large asset from your taxable estate
Continue to use your home or vacation home while also using it for a charitable gift Gift subject to a retained life estate Continued use of the property for your lifetime, current income tax charitable deduction, removal of the property from your estate so your heirs don't have to sell it
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