Sixth Form Leadership Roles

The Sixth Form leadership is a valued tradition. Eaglebrook’s entire program culminates in a Sixth Form year of fulfillment, leadership, and responsibility. Although some students wonder if they are true leaders, they will find the faculty ready to offer support.

Sixth Form Leadership Opportunities

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  • Leadership

    Eaglebrook teaches all students to be responsible within the community and to lead by example. When they reach the Sixth Form, they are prepared to assume more responsibilities around school. They serve as student council leaders, dormitory proctors, table proctors, team captains, committee members, and orientation aides.
  • Assemblies

    Every Sixth Former is expected to present a morning assembly on a topic of special interest to him. Sixth Formers work with their advisors and the assembly coordinator to create an assembly that is thoughtful and effectively presented. The assembly is an important milestone in each Sixth Former’s year. The assemblies are posted on myEBS, the password-protected section of the Eaglebrook website. 
  • Committees

    In September all Sixth Formers join at least one committee. Committees give Sixth Form students opportunities to learn leadership skills and to serve the school in a variety of ways. Although students select committees at the beginning of the school year, membership depends on regular, responsible participation.

    Some of the committees at Eaglebrook include; 
    Art, Community Outreach, Diversity, Outdoor Program, Food, Hearth, Math Peer Tutoring, Music, Robotics, Snack, Sunday Meeting, Sustainability, Technology, TEDx, and Third Form. 
  • Student Council

    The Student Council meets regularly to discuss ways that students can help enhance life at school. The Council is led by an executive committee of Sixth Formers, who are elected in the spring for the following year. In the fall there are elections
    for representatives from the different dorms and day students from the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms.
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