A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Mathematics by Level

Middle School Mathematics
This course has a focus on arithmetic skills and how they support algebraic and geometric concepts. There is also exploration of basic statistics and probability. The goal is to prepare students for the rigors of Algebra.  

The emphasis in this course is on developing a firm foundation in the building blocks for Algebra I. Students are introduced to abstract concepts by using variable expressions and equations. Major topics studied include the coordinate planes, graphing linear functions, writing linear functions, and linear systems. While teaching the skills of mathematics, teachers also focus on organization and time management.
Algebra I
This course completes the Algebra I curriculum. Solving linear systems is the starting point before the class continues with studying quadratic functions, exponents, polynomials, and rational and radical expressions and equations. Basic geometric concepts are integrated into this course: the Pythagorean theorem, parallel lines, surface area and volume, and some geometric formulas. Successful completion of this course prepares students to take Geometry.

Algebra Applications
Algebra Applications is designed for ninth graders who have not completed a full year of Algebra I content. The course begins with a review of the first half of a typical Algebra I course and then proceeds to complete the year of content for Algebra I. After successful completion, students would move onto a geometry course in 10th grade.

This course covers plane geometry and includes constructions, proofs, congruence, area, volume, similarity, circles, special triangles, and right triangle trigonometry. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and used primarily as a tool for exploration.
Algebra 2
This course covers the fundamentals of Algebra 2. Emphasis is placed on the manipulation of systems of equations, quadratics, polynomials: logarithmic, exponential, rational and radical expressions, and solving equations and inequalities involving these expressions. Trigonometry is explored and studied on the spring term. The prerequisite for this course is the completion of Algebra 1 and geometry,with approval from the department.

Functions, Statistics, and Pre-Calculus
Functions, Statistics and Pre‐Calculus (FSP) is a course designed for middle school students who have successfully completed both geometry and Algebra 2 with Trigonometry at a high level. This course covers the fundamentals of trigonometry, conic sections, statistical distributions and summaries, and the unit circle. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and used primarily as a tool for exploration. FSP is to serve as a bridge between these prerequisites and higher level high school mathematics. In no way is this course used to replace a course in pre‐calculus. FSP exposes advanced students to topics that they will study in more depth in high school.