A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Student Life


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  • Candlelighting

    Candlelighting is Eaglebrook’s oldest tradition. It is a holiday service first celebrated by the students in the 1920s with the Head of School's grandfather, Thurston Chase. Generations of Eaglebrook students have cherished this ceremony that culminates with the lighting of candles on a dark December evening. Before the candles are lit, the Eaglebrook community enjoys a banquet and an evening of music and carol singing.
  • Kindness and Helpfulness

    The oldest tradition at Eaglebrook is an intangible one that each Head of School has nurtured. The Head of School continues this tradition when he talks to the school and encourages boys to act with kindness and helpfulness. Sixth Formers, in their roles as school leaders, display this spirit and pass it on to the next class.
  • Good Fellow

    After final exams are over and a few days before graduation, the boys in the Sixth Form gather to choose the one among them who best exemplifies the Eaglebrook spirit, is a friend to all, and is respected for his kindness and helpfulness. The Head of School taps their choice on his shoulder, he runs and hides, and then his classmates search to capture and return him. The Good Fellow is honored with a ceremonial toss into Whipple Pond. Read the names of the Good Fellows throughout Eaglebrook history.
  • Wednesday Evening Programs

    Home Nights and Hilly Chase programs, held on alternating Wednesdays throughout the school year, provide student with a midweek break from the routine of classes and evening study. All students are on campus for the Wednesday evening activities.

    Home Nights: Every other Wednesday students join their advisor for dinner and a relaxing evening of fun and games. Home Night, one of the students' favorite traditions, is a break in the middle of the week from the academic schedule when students enjoy a meal away from the dining room, a variety of activities, and no homework.

    The Hilly Chase Speaker Series:
    The Wednesday night cultural series that brings speakers and performers to campus honors Hildreth Chase, the Head of School's grandmother. Hilly Chases are scheduled on alternating Wednesday nights with Home Nights.

Students Talk about Home Night