A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Student Life

The Advisor System

Advising Middle School Boys

Each Eaglebrook student - boarding and day - has a dormitory advisor that he sees every day. Advisors help students consider Eaglebrook to be a home-away-from-home, and parents contact them with questions or concerns. Advisors guide our middle school students through difficult times, help them celebrate successes, watch over their academic progress, and act as mentors. Advisors work in partnership with Eaglebrook parents to make sure each child is getting the attention he deserves. On Wednesday Home Nights, advisors and their group of students plan a dinner and activities. The close relationship that develops between students and advisors is a long-standing tradition at Eaglebrook.

We believe that there are core skills that every middle school student should be familiar with, and many of Eaglebrook School's Core Skills overlap with what each advisor tries to accomplish with a student.

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From Parents & Students

"My advisor pushed me to do my best work." -- Student

"My advisors taught me and reminded me constantly that I should have a goal and an ambition in life. I should put all my effort into everything I do." -- Student

"I think that without my advisor my first year at Eaglebrook would have been very different. From advising me to study to inviting me to play the Wii with his daughters, he is definitely one of the teachers who has left the biggest imprint on my Eaglebrook education." -- Student

"Students feel that there is somebody who cares about them all the time in school." -- Parent

"We are especially thankful to our son's advisor for guiding him. He made a huge difference in our son's life. Thank you." -- Parent

"It really touched my heart to see the relationship that had been formed between my son and his advisor and to know that he was so well cared for."  -- Parent

Contact Information

Richard Fox
Assistant Head, Dean of Students
(413) 774-9186

Shappy LaPointe
Assistant Head, Dean of School Life