Filling Empty Bowls

Eaglebrook School ceramics teacher Jaye Pope has been a local potter for many years. She runs her own pottery company, Good Dirt Pottery, and is connected with other artists in the area. Folks at the Amherst Survival Center reached out to Jaye earlier in the winter, asking her to participate in their Annual Empty Bowls fundraising dinner, which will be held on March 12 this year. People who attend the dinner buy a hand-made bowl and eat soups and salads donated by local restaurants. The money raised from the event is used to help people who are struggling to feed their families. Jaye thought it would be great if the students in her ceramics class at Eaglebrook could participate in the event, so she had them glaze some bowls she threw, and also create a few bowls of their own. “I was really excited at the thought of including my students at Eaglebrook in this event,” said Jaye. “Eaglebrook does a lot for the community, and this gives the students one more way to participate and to connect with the area around them,” she continued. Students signed the bottom of each bowl, added where they are from and the words “Eaglebrook School” so that the person who buys their bowl will know who made it. “There are many people in our community who are unemployed or underemployed and are food insecure,” explained Jaye. “Participating in this event is a nice way to help.”
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