Thirds Baseball Focused on Learning, Practice and Having Fun

By Coach McClure
CANAAN, NH – May 4, 2024 – Thirds Baseball’s season record continues to suffer, as the team shouldered a 17-9 loss against Cardigan Mountain School on Saturday. We blame the long road trips. But the good news is that the boys had tons of fun, and we got to practice some modified stealing rules.
We started out strong with our first two at-bats. The Eagles put up four runs in the top of the first inning, and five more in the top of the second. After two innings, the score was 9-1 in our favor. 
The game slipped away from us in the bottom of the third, which ended up being our last half inning (nearly 45 minutes long) due to the game’s time limit. A combination of errors, walks, and communication challenges allowed Cardigan to score 16 (!!) runs. It was hard on our egos, patience, and mental fortitude. But we’re proud of the sportsmanship shown by the boys throughout, and the way we were able to finally end the ballgame.
Highlights from early in the game:
  • An excellent scoop by our shortstop Alonso J. ‘26, who fielded a ground ball hit straight up the middle toward second base. His throw to Luigi M. ‘26 at first base was equally excellent.
  • Great work by pitcher Baker D. ‘25 to escape a bases-loaded scenario in the first, and then lights-out pitching in the second.
  • Solid connection between catcher Alex W. ‘26 and Luigi M., who managed to get the out on a dropped third strike play.
  • Henrik P. ‘25 for an RBI double, Alonso again for excellent heads-up baserunning, and Daniel P. ‘27/Toby T. ‘27, who both made excellent contact in their at-bats.
Highlights from late in the game:
  • Excellent urgency from Alex behind the plate, who was working hard to keep the runners from advancing.
  • The infield, who did a great job encouraging our pitchers 
  • Kyle Z. ‘25, who stepped in mid-inning as a reliever. He inherited a horrible situation, but he managed to end the game with a strikeout.
We didn't have a moment to snap photos during the game itself, but we headed to Coach McClure's alma mater at Dartmouth College for dinner at the dining hall. All-you-can-eat pizza and ice cream can go a long way toward smoothing ruffled feathers after a tough loss. 
It was a long day with a lot of travel, and we’re proud of our team for their excellent behavior and effort throughout. We hope everyone enjoyed playing as much as we did coaching.
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