Thirds Baseball Responds to Last Week’s Loss to Rectory with a 7-1 Win

Coach Lakey
On the morning of Saturday, April 27th, the Thirds baseball team faced Rectory for the second time in 7 days. Eaglebrook came out with an early lead when Luigi Murphy hit a nice single to right field. Henrik Pang doubled on a long hit to center field and then Luigi scored on a pass ball. Other hitters for the day included Prescott Zee with a massive hit to left field, Baker Dulaney and Daniel Pang. The most exciting moment of the game was when Baker Dulaney was pitching. Eaglebrook was up 5-1 and with some singles and walks, suddenly with two outs, the bases were loaded. Tensions began to build as the count progressed and Rectory’s best hitter was suddenly faced with a full count.  Baker came through with an incredible strike to end the inning and get the team out of a stressful situation. The team would like to thank players from other teams who helped us out when some of our players were away for the weekend; Duncan Bedell, Felix Cui, Paco Martin and Tony Zhu all pitched in to help the team to an exciting win.
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