Eagles Soar against Cardigan, 9-0

CANAAN, NH – April 20, 2024 – On Saturday, the Eaglebrook Varsity Tennis team headed two hours north to meet Cardigan Mountain School on their home court. Our captain convinced his teammates that some rousing “Amoung Us” on the bus would get the Brookies fired up competitively, hoping it would pay off. And pay off it did!

From the start, the Eagles found themselves in the driver’s seat, winning all four doubles matches handily. (The fourth match was an exhibition.) There were many excellent points, however, and each match was a joy to witness. 

This year, the players have chosen their own doubles partners. Leaving the choice of pairings to the students has created cohesive partnerships that are proving to be both durable and effective. They encourage effective communication and friendly “psych-ups” that make each pairing feel like a years-old professional collaboration.

Next up was the singles. Once more we played with confidence (and sportsmanship), winning all 8 matches. (Matches seven and eight were exhibition.) The matchups were closer than they look on paper, with two of them going to tiebreakers. As always, the members of the Cardigan welcomed us with open arms, respect, and excellent sportsmanship. We look forward to playing them again on our home turf on May 18.

Tired from a long day, we journeyed back to Deerfield, but not without some more epic “Amoung Us” to pass the time. This Wednesday we face Choate at home. Our fingers are crossed that we can maintain our 3-0 undefeated season, as Choate was one of our few defeats last season. Wish us luck!
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