Eagles Play Gracious Hosts, But Fall to Choate, 5-4

DEERFIELD, Mass. – April 25, 2024 – Eaglebrook Varsity Tennis was fired up to secure a win against Choate, a high school squad that barely bested the Brookies in a contentious 2023 match. 
As if that challenge weren’t already daunting, an out-of-nowhere rainstorm soaked the home courts 20 minutes before match time! Being gracious hosts, the squad banded together and tackled the puddles on all eight courts while our opponents looked on.
Before we started the day, the coaches agreed to have all eight singles matches count, giving each player “skin in the game” and putting nine points up for grabs. The doubles matches went well, as we won all four matchups handily. Eaglebrook’s pairings are starting to gel, and we earned the “doubles point” heading into singles play.
Every Eagle gave their all, and played far with more energy and focus than most of their opponents. They came to play tennis, and no soaking-wet courts were going to get them down. But, alas, Choate secured the win, 5-4. 
As the rain returned intermittently throughout the afternoon, our playing styles had to be adjusted on the fly, and the conditions simply fit better with Choate’s more conservative, backboard style of play.
Friday has Fay visiting the Hill for Grandparent’s Day. Our hunch is we are gonna be hungrier than ever for a victory!
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