Eaglebrook Students Receive Honors for National Latin Exam

Gratulationes discipulis juvenibus linguae latinae Eaglebrookis! 

Last term, 24 Eaglebrook students took the National Latin Exam, and Eaglebrook is proud to announce that over half received honors and distinctions. More than 100,000 students worldwide participated in the exam, representing 50 states and 26 foreign countries. The Eaglebrook students who received honors were:

Gold Medal and Summa Cum Laude:
Nicholas P. ’25
Paul K. ’24
Patrick Z ’24
Tomas T. ’24 

Silver Medal and Maxima Cum Laude:
Jeremy L. ’25
Eric H. ’25
Eric S. ’24
Alex W. ’25 

Magna Cum Laude:
Edward R. ’25
Leo F. ’25

Cum Laude:
Ryan K. ’26
Jeremy F .’24

“All of our Latin students should be extremely proud of their accomplishments. Their hard work in the weeks leading up to the National Latin Exam earned them not only individual achievements but a Blue Certificate of Merit for Eaglebrook as a school. I am so pleased to be teaching such diligent and avid students,” said Eaglebrook’s Elizabeth Lauderdale, the school’s primary Latin teacher. 

A Blue Certificate of Merit is awarded to schools that receive honors and distinctions for at least half of their students. 

These achievements reflect the dedication and academic rigor of our students, showcasing their commitment to excellence in Latin studies. 
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