Competitive Skiing at the 2024 MISL Race #5

For Wednesday's race - Varsity raced slalom, and JV raced GS. The slalom course was particularly challenging. The gates were set very tight (close together), so the racers had to make use of their quick feet and nimble skiing. For our JV racers in the GS course, their challenge was to maintain their speed through each turn. Notably, the Eaglebrook JV Boys squad finished in a narrow 2nd place, barely losing to Williston. Varsity Boys placed in 5th as a team, and the JV Girls placed in 2nd. 
Boys Varsity (Slalom, 40 skiers overall):
Lucas A. '26 - 19th (particularly solid, fast, controlled skiing from him yesterday)
Andrew N. '24 - 22nd
Carter L. '24 - 25th
Ashton V. '25 - 28th
Mojo M. '25 - 37th (DSQ)
Ben C. '24 - 38th (DSQ)
Boys JV (GS, 34 skiers overall):
Caden P. '27 - 3rd (A standout finish for Caden, who looked very controlled and fast through the course).
Max Y. '27  - 9th (The Battle of the Yoon brothers, Max won narrowly this time).
Matthew Y. '25 - 11th
Victor O. '26 - 12th
Christian C. '27 - 14th
Henry L. '26 - 18th
Luigi M. '26 - 19th
JP M. '24 - 23rd
Lewin K. '25 - 25th
Logan S. '25 - 29th
James L. '26 - 31st
Girls JV (GS, 12 skiers overall):
Maddie F. '27 - 7th
Bea L. '27 - 10th
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