Junior Varsity 2 basketball vs. Williston Northampton School

The Junior Varsity 2 basketball team from Eaglebrook faced off against Williston's Middle School team, securing an impressive 63-16 victory. Julian S. '24 emerged as the top scorer, contributing 15 points to the team's success. MacLean H. '25 showcased his precision as a point guard, making accurate passes to teammates positioned under the hoop. Formidable defense from Colt L. '25 proved challenging for the opposing team, while relentless pressure from Caden W. '26 on defense and hustle on offense kept the opponents on their toes. Paco M. '25 dominated under the hoop, displaying remarkable prowess in catching rebounds. The team's collective effort and support for one another were evident as every player contributed to the scoreline, exemplifying a cohesive and well-rounded team dynamic.
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