Eaglebrook Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Dr. King

Yesterday, Eaglebrook students celebrated the life, lessons, and leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr., by exploring the many ways that the work of Dr. King and his allies changed the struggle for justice and equality in America and around the world. 

The day kicked off with a morning assembly, where both students and faculty congregated to listen to talks by Mr. Jiu, Mr. Harlow, and Mr. Faulstick. The focus of these discussions revolved around the concept of identity and underscored the pivotal role of Dr. King in shaping American history. Following the assembly, students were divided into Lower Forms and Upper Forms.

Third and Fourth Form students immersed themselves in the movie Ruby Bridges (1998), a dramatization of the experiences of a seven-year-old Black girl who became a powerful symbol of the civil rights movement in 1960 when she led the integration of an all-white segregated school in New Orleans, LA. Students broke into small groups to discuss the film’s narrative and the historical context that shaped the story.

Fifth and Sixth Formers watched and discussed the 2018 movie The Hate U Give, which tells the story of an officer-involved shooting of an unarmed Black teenager and the way that that shooting ignited racial tensions across a community. In between sections of the film, students broke into smaller groups to discuss themes of implicit bias, inequality, and activism.
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