Eaglebrook Thirds soccer Team Dominates Regular Season

In a remarkable display of skill, teamwork, and determination, the Eaglebrook Thirds soccer team achieved a record of 10 wins and 0 losses during the fall 2023 regular season. Under the guidance of their head coach, Ms. Brittany Inch, and coach Drew Parsons ’16, the team showcased exceptional talent and a cohesive spirit that propelled them to victory in each of their encounters. See pictures from their game against Wilbraham Monson Academy here

The Eaglebrook Thirds faced a diverse range of opponents, including Cardigan Mountain School, Wilbraham and Monson Academy, Athol Middle School, Mahar Regional School, Turners/Great Falls Middle School, Greenfield Middle School, Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion School, Four Rivers Charter School, and Mohawk Regional School. Each match presented its own set of challenges, but the team's unwavering commitment to excellence allowed them to win in every contest of the regular season.

Coach Brittany Inch attributed the team's success to the unique blend of experience levels and perspectives among the players. Emphasizing the importance of diversity within the team, Coach Inch explained that the various backgrounds and playing styles of the athletes created a dynamic and well-rounded unit.

Throughout the regular season, the Eaglebrook Thirds soccer team demonstrated not only technical prowess but also a commendable team spirit. The players showcased a remarkable ability to support one another, fostering a positive and collaborative environment that undoubtedly contributed to their undefeated run. Watch an episode of  Brookie Bits, a student-produced news show, about the team here. Learn more about athletics at Eaglebrook at www.eaglebrook.org/athletics.
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