Eaglebrook Bands Bring Music to Local Elementary School

The Eaglebrook Band has been making a positive impact on the local community by performing outreach concerts at elementary schools. The Band, along with the Jazz Band, played a concert at Sunderland Elementary School on November 3. 

Led by the dedicated Performing Arts Department Chair, Wendi Melnik, the performances by Eaglebrook’s musical groups at local elementary schools have become a much-anticipated event in the community. Melnik, who is passionate about nurturing students' musical talents, expressed her admiration for their hard work and teamwork. She stated, "It's always amazing to me to see how well our middle school students can put a concert together after being in four different classes with no rehearsal time altogether until they are in front of the audience; it displays an incredible amount of teamwork, and I am so proud of each and every one of them."

The outreach concerts have not only showcased the students' musical abilities but also served as a platform for them to learn valuable life skills. Working together in harmony, the two bands demonstrate the importance of teamwork and dedication. Their performances inspire younger students, showing them what can be achieved through practice and collaboration.

The Eaglebrook Band's commitment to engaging with the community through outreach concerts at local elementary schools not only enriches the lives of the audience but also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among the band members. When asked, Ms. Melnik stated her plans to continue to offer outreach concerts throughout the academic year. Find the full playlist of performances here
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