The Second Year of a New Century

Eaglebrook School welcomed students back to campus for the 102nd academic year with open arms and a sense of anticipation. This year, the campus buzzes with excitement as it hosts 249 students hailing from 18 different states and 18 countries.

The first day of school, Tuesday, September 6, saw both day students and boarding Sixth Formers arriving on campus. Day students embraced the opportunity to engage in large-group icebreakers. Meanwhile, boarding Sixth Formers received a warm welcome from the Head of School, Mr. Chase. See pictures from the day here

Wednesday, September 7, was a day of leadership activities for the Sixth Formers, both on and off campus. While one group embarked on a journey to the Morse Hill Outdoor Education Center in nearby Leverett, MA, the remaining students immersed themselves in leadership activities right at Eaglebrook's campus. See pictures from the day here

The following day, new students took part in the "A Day in The Life" Presentation led by Dr. Cyr-Mutty, offering insights into the Eaglebrook experience. Returning students reacquainted themselves with the campus, and the new students, accompanied by faculty members, embarked on a hike to the Rock. See pictures from those activities here. The Sixth Form students continued their leadership development with additional activities that evening. 

Friday, September 8, marked the start of classes, offering students their first taste of Eaglebrook's rigorous academic environment. Simultaneously, the fields around campus came alive with the first athletic practices of the year. On the ensuing Saturday, all students enjoyed a special day of classes, with new students treated to indoor cookouts at the dorms and recreational activities around campus. Their Sixth Form Big Brothers joined in for the festivities, fostering camaraderie and fun. See pictures from the day here

Sunday brought with it the inaugural Sunday Meeting, this year in the Barlett Assembly Area, a memorable event filled with tradition and inspiration. Dr. Paul Cyr-Mutty shared insights about how all things and people are connected through their connection to the Earth. After this, Eaglebrook’s Head of School, Mr. Chase, delivered a lasting message, emphasizing that "a founding principle of Eaglebrook is our connection to nature." Mr. Chase continued by saying: “[The students] are outside every day – in every season. [The students] walk to meals, to sports, to classes, to dorms – and on weekends – into the thousand surrounding acres to hike, camp, ride bicycles, and explore. Howard Gibbs – Eaglebrook’s founder – chose this mountainside for his school. It was the perfect place to put into practice his ideas about education for young boys. He believed that a close connection to nature was essential for learning skills, having success in classes, and developing values… It is a tradition for schools to have mottos – words or phrases that simplify the school’s deepest values and goals. Many of those mottos – like Eaglerook’s – are in Latin… Our motto – Lumen Fides Labor Facta – is a roadmap for everyday life here… Lumen Fides Labor Facta. Curiosity Respect Engagement Balance. Use these basic values in our motto as a guide for a productive, filling life.” See Mr. Chase’s full speech here. The meeting concluded with the singing of the Eaglebrook Hymn, followed by moments of reflection for students and faculty. See pictures from the night here with a recording of the night here

As Eaglebrook School kicks off the 2023-2024 academic year, it promises another year of academic excellence, personal growth, and cherished traditions that make it a home away from home for students from across the globe.
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