Eaglebrook Kicks Off Summer Semester

Summer Semester at Eaglebrook has begun, and the campus is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm as 110 students join faculty to kick off a summer of fun and learning. With 95 boys and 15 girls hailing from 7 countries and 11 states, this diverse group of young scholars are ready to make the most of their summer experience.

Following registration, and as per tradition, an ice cream social was organized, bringing everyone together for a sweet treat and delightful conversations. See pictures from the social here

One of the highlights of these early days was Field Day. Students participated in a range of thrilling outdoor activities, from relay races to team challenges, igniting their competitive spirit and encouraging teamwork. Cheers and applause echoed across Memorial Field as students showcased their athletic abilities. See photos from the day here

As the festivities settled, the focus shifted to the heart of the summer semester—classes. With 54 captivating courses on offer, students eagerly dived into a diverse array of subjects, from mathematics and sciences to arts and more. Led by a team of 34 faculty members, these classes provided students with valuable knowledge, engaging discussions, and hands-on experiences.

Summer Semester at Eaglebrook is not just about academics—it is a holistic experience that emphasizes personal growth, character development, and lifelong friendships. With a diverse student body from various backgrounds and cultures, this program offers a unique opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives and learn from one another.

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