A Commencement for the Next Century

Eaglebrook School held its 101st Commencement Ceremony Friday, May 26, 2023, on the Dell next to Little Hundridge. Graduation is a moment of both sorrow and celebration for the Sixth Form students who have built lives at Eaglebrook and are now moving on, prepared for Secondary School. See pictures from Commencement here

Jameson Hancock ’23 was chosen by his peers to speak on behalf of the Sixth Form. Addressing his class, Jameson spoke about the memories he has due to his time at Eaglebrook and how certain sounds and smells will always evoke those memories for him. View his speech in full here.

Following Jameson’s Speech was Andrew Chase’s response. In his address, the Head of School spoke about the future of Eaglebrook. Specifically, he spoke about what will remain the same as technology and civilization evolves. “In the afternoon [of Eaglebrook’s future] students run outdoors to join their teachers for games and fun, leaving their robots behind.” While many things may change over the next century, Mr. Chase expects the structure and relation to nature to remain the same. Watch his full response here

Next was the Prayer of the Graduating Class given by Kellen Rinehart ’23. While on the dias, Kellen prayed for his classmates to have the ability to appreciate the world around them and to keep with them the lessons they learned while at Eaglebrook. Find the recording of the prayer here

Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman GP23, the 101st Commencement Speaker, told the class, “You should have the most ambitious goals and do what you can to achieve them. You may fall short at times, but those are often the best opportunities to learn.” This teaching the graduating class to be mindful of their mistakes and see them not as failures but as new chances. See the recording of his speech here.

Lastly was the distribution of diplomas by those on the dias, the singing of the Eaglebrook Hymn, the Benediction given by Ms. Rachel Blain, and the Recessional. Watch the full service here. Congratulations to the Class of 2023. We know that you will fly far, but you will always have a home on the Hill.

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