A Celebratory Weekend At Eaglebrook

With spring comes the end of the year and Eaglebrook’s yearly traditions of Baccalaureate, Field Day, and Good Fellow. 

Eaglebrook’s Medical Director, Dr. Wayne Hioe P23 was the 2023 Baccalaureate speaker. He spoke abouthe spoke about his time at Eaglebrook and the growth he has seen in the graduating class in his speech. At the core of his remarks was the message for students to be grateful for the successes they encounter in life, and in its winding trail to always look forward while knowing one’s past. Watch the speech here or the entire ceremony here. See pictures from the event here

Following Baccalaureate, students and faculty gathered on the Lewis Track Field to kick off Eaglebrook’s Annual Field Day; where students compete for their house. After hours of fierce competition, in running, shot put, juggling, and many more activities, Mayer House came out on top. See pictures from the day here, and a highlight video here

Rounding out the day was the 90th run of the annual Good Fellow Ceremony. Yuri Tanaka ’23 was selected by his peers to be the Good Fellow. The Good Fellow is the Sixth Form student who is a friend to all and who embodies the mission of the school. To cap off this honor, Yuri was thrown into Whipple Pond by his friends, as were all of the Good Fellows before him. See the pictures here, and the video of the event here
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