Global Day 2023: Leadership in Achieving a Cleaner Planet

As Eaglebrook propels into its second century, the time to recognize the importance of fostering global awareness among its students has never been more important. Global Day features a wide range of activities and workshops designed to engage students in interactive learning experiences. It all begins with an assembly the day before that sets the stage for the event, emphasizing the importance of leadership and the role students play in protecting the environment. Throughout Global Day, students participate in workshops, presentations, and challenges by Form. 

The Third Form went to the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership in Maine for their year-end field trip. On Hurricane Island, they used Penobscot Bay to learn about life on and around the island as well as sustainable and renewable energy. See pictures from the trip here

The Fourth Form, in a similar manner, went to the Hitchcock Center in Amherst, Massachusetts to learn about the connection between mankind and nature. During their tour, they visited a building that was built with complete forethought as to how it would interact with the environment around it. Students were also tasked with two STEM projects: a rainwater collection project where they were expected to find a way to collect rainwater, and a pond clean-up challenge on the Eaglebrook campus. For this, they were challenged to design a device, utilizing only recycled materials, that would assist them in removing plastic that had been placed into Whipple Pond. The students were also treated to a tour of Eaglebrook’s renewable energy projects. See pictures from the day here

The Fifth Form was broken into two groups that took on leadership and community-building projects. The leadership aspect of the day was designed to train Fifth Form students to think as the leaders of tomorrow, roles they will play in the next academic year. The day included group building, problem-solving, and reflection activities. The community building projects gave students the opportunity to leave their mark on Eaglebrook’s over 700 acres building benches, tables, bee houses, interpretive signage, and more. See pictures from the day here

The Sixth Form participated in multiple river cleanups in the morning before going white water rafting on the Deerfield River. As today’s Eaglebrook leaders, they had the opportunity to make a difference outside in the local community. See pictures from their trip in this album
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