The Centennial Winter Carnival

Eaglebrook’s Centennial Winter Carnival weekend has ended, and as we know, it pays to be flexible these days, and the whole community certainly channeled that in order to take part in this event.

Parents attended classes with their children on Friday morning, as they did during Country Fair in the fall. See photos from Friday classes here. Students who constructed cardboard sleds for the big race on Saturday left them outside of the LC where the Eaglebrook faculty and staff judged them based on the overall design. The winner of the cardboard sled competition would be the entry to race against Mr. Chase’s Eddie the Eagle sled on Saturday; more to come here.

The Eaglebrook Music Department performed on Friday afternoon for the community. See photos of the concert here and watch the individual performances here. Friday night brought back something we had been missing these last two years: an in-person play performance! The Eaglebrook Drama Department put on a series of four short plays for the community. They were, “Controlling Interest”, “Miss You”, “The Scary Question”, and “Mere Mortals”. It was fantastic to have young thespians on the stage once again. Photos from the night can be found here.

Because of rainy, icy weather on Friday, the football field where Winter Carnival is traditionally held was not in good enough shape to hold the carnival there on Saturday. In true Eaglebrook fashion, a new plan was devised to move Winter Carnival events to the Halsted Flats of the Easton Ski Area. Most of the events went off as normal, except for the cardboard sled race. The proposed track was too steep to allow riders, so the cardboard sled was a riderless event with sleds pushed down the hill by their creators. TRs Revenge, the sled that won the cardboard sled design contest, did NOT beat a riderless Eddie the Eagle in that race. See photos of the sleds here. We hope to have a “real” cardboard sled race when conditions improve.

Other traditional carnival events, jack jumping, the Klondike race, and the dorm relay went off easily. A fire-building contest and an “Angry Ice” throwing competition were added to the morning for the second year in a row. See photos from Eaglebrook’s Centennial Winter Carnival here and watch a quick video here. Halsted House won the dorm competition and the Winter Carnival Cup, followed by Flagler House, Eagles Nest, Taylor House, Kravis House, and Mayer House. 
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