Alums Bring Good Messages Back to Campus

The Eaglebrook community was lucky to welcome back two alums in January for Hilly Chase presentations.
Paul Bethe ’92 spoke to the students and faculty on January 12. The topic of his talk was “A Tour of Computing”. Paul currently works at Google as a software engineer in developer infrastructure and is also an adjunct computer science professor at NYU. He told the boys how his interest in computers was sparked while he was at Eaglebrook, and he went on to study computer science at Deerfield Academy and Williams College. His presentation to the students involved him taking us on a tour of computing, from the early days of computers large enough to fill a room, to today where we all walk around with phones that are more powerful than the first machines could ever hope to be. He shared a thought with the audience saying, “my advisor and the faculty around me saw that I wanted to do something and made it happen. I remember being here and having the opportunity for curiosity. If you were curious, you were supported in that.” Watch Paul’s talk here. Listen to his episode of the View from the Hill podcast here.
Goil Amornvivat ’88 spoke on January 26. Goil is currently a licensed architect and certified interior designer living in New York. He is a founding partner of AMMOR Architecture LLP. Goil spoke to the students about art, design, activism, and language. He came to Eaglebrook not speaking English and not having much experience in the arts. He took advantage of the art classes offered to him at Eaglebrook and it sparked his love for design and challenges. “For me, design is a powerful tool. It can be political, it can be problem-solving, it can be performative; it can say things that you want to say. It’s like learning English. I really appreciate all of the teachers and resources I was exposed to at Eaglebrook. I was exposed to all kinds of new languages at Eaglebrook, not just English. This is the place where it all started for me, and I hope this place can do the same for you. Just lookout for the opportunities in front of you.” Watch Goil’s talk here. Listen to his episode of the View from the Hill podcast here.
Eaglebrook is lucky to have such accomplished alumni to share their experiences, both on the Hill and after they have graduated, with current students.
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