Reflective Learning on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is always a special day at Eaglebrook. This year, there was programming based around the award-winning film, Selma, discussion groups, and a variety of workshops. Selma is based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights march led by Martin Luther King Jr. 

Following an introduction to the historical context surrounding the film by the Black Affinity Group, the first 90 minutes of the film was played and complemented by the Black Affinity Group who discussed the philosophies of MLK and Malcolm X after the screening. Students were then sectioned into discussion groups where they had an open conversation about what they had just watched. 

Following the group discussions of the film, students moved in groups to a new location where special sessions were held that featured a variety of topics surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Ms. Bognolo’s session addressed food insecurities and the theme of activism. She discussed Martin Luther King Jr.’s belief that eradicating hunger and poverty was essential to establishing a more just society exemplified in his words, "Let us march on poverty until no American parent has to skip a meal so that their children may eat."

Ms. Bognolo’s session was divided into two parts. In the first part of the session, she had Rachel Berggren, Director of Franklin County Community Meals Program, a non-profit organization based in Greenfield, MA, present. In her presentation, Ms. Berggren discussed why food poverty exists, who suffers from it, and why we need to know about it. Additionally, she discussed food activism including hunger relief organizations, the role of food banks, fundraising, and how individuals, families, and communities can help. During the second half of the session, students had the chance to package over 200 bag lunches that were donated to Franklin County Community Meals Program and distributed at a meal site in nearby Greenfield. 

Mr. Lamb, along with Mr. Pleasant and Mr. Fay, prepared a lesson for the day on "Movements of Global Activism.” The workshop consisted of students learning about different movements of activism that inspired the world. They analyzed the language and the imagery these movements employed to gain traction in their respective communities to carry their message far and wide. Students in this session had time to create posters to share what they had learned with their peers and to reflect on some of the issues that were important to them. They also brainstormed ideas for what types of language or images they could use as a vehicle to drive their message. 

Following lunch, the community convened in the assembly area where the last 30 minutes of Selma was shown. After this, students then went to their third group session of the day where they wrapped up their conversations about the film. 

“This year's MLK Day program was a wonderful opportunity for both hands-on and reflective learning, and what it means to contribute to our global community,” said Mr. Lamb. 

See photos from MLK Day at Eaglebrook here.
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