Eaglebrook Celebrates 100 Years

Eaglebrook School and Head of School Andrew C. Chase kicked off Eaglebrook School's 100th Anniversary on July 1, 2021: 

In 1922, Howard Gibbs took a leap into an unknown future; he started his own school to test his ideas about educating young boys.
One hundred years later, Mr. Gibbs’ belief — that young boys learn best and develop life values when connected to the natural world — continues to guide Eaglebrook into its second hundred years.
To celebrate the first hundred, Eaglebrook is giving itself a year-long birthday party beginning this summer and culminating at our Centennial Celebration in 2022. You can follow events on our Centennial webpage.
This Centennial Celebration, which will be on campus is another connection to Eaglebrook’s beginning, a fledgling school that promised healthy outdoor living for young boys to parents who feared the Spanish Influenza – a pandemic that had proven deadly to the young.  
The natural world that surrounds Eaglebrook connects one decade of graduates to the next and to our students today. Faces and buildings continue to change, but a walk on a tree-lined trail to the Rock and a view across the valley are timeless; on the fields and in the classrooms, children, laughing together, at work and play, timeless.
We hope that the Eaglebrook family — former students and former teachers, families, and friends — will reconnect and celebrate this first hundred years with a visit to see and hear the vitality of Eaglebrook today.

Andrew C. Chase
Head of School
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