Ed began working at Eaglebrook in 2015. Ed currently serves as the Director of Dining Services and Head Chef. When not in the kitchen, Ed loves spending time outside, woodworking, cooking, and listening to music. Ed and his wife Wyatt live in nearby Greenfield, MA. They have a son named Rowan, a dog named Carl, and a cat named Gabo. 

Name: Ed Howle 

College/Grad School: Trident Technical School

What are your roles at Eaglebrook? Director of Dining Services, Head Chef, Mentor, Role Model, and anything food-related! 

Proudest Achievement? The birth of my son Rowan and completing a 7-day solo vision quest with a 10-foot rope, tarp, knife, box of matches, and seven gallons of water.  

Last book you read? The Alienist by Caleb Carr. 

Movie you would recommend? Equilibrium directed by Kurt Wimmer.  

Favorite Food? Lamb stew

My soundtrack is? All music is my soundtrack! My favorites are house music/electronica and acoustic/electric guitar riffs.

Best Advice Ever Received? "It is none of your business what other people think of you.”

Why Eaglebrook? Much better schedule for starting a family and this type of job was something I had never done before.   

What are your interests/hobbies? Food, movies, fishing, swimming, woodworking (novice), and playing outdoors and in the woods with my son.

What animal do you identify with most? Raccoon of course! They are playful, intelligent problem solvers.

One word that describes me? Open 
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