Eaglebrook is Keeping Students Engaged During the Summer

Eaglebrook developed two programs to keep new and returning students engaged during the summer months away from the Hill. The two Zoom programs - Summer Welcome for new students and Summer Connections for both new and returning students give students the opportunity to meet with teachers and other students each week and engage in a discussion about shared experiences. 

Summer Connections was designed to keep students connected with each other and with Eaglebrook. The optional program for both new and returning students was built around activities such as sports, arts, academics, and leadership. Sessions take place every two weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students are able to participate in as many or as few of the 25+ offerings. The interactive sessions engage students in areas of interest and help them prepare for the fall. Some of the sessions offered by the Eaglebrook faculty include; Soccer Skills with Mr. Robinson, Tie Dye with Ms. Tabery, The Summer Strummers with Mr. Lamb, The Art of Leading with Ms. Gagnon, Rock and Roll 101 with Mr. Townsend, Test Innovator's Check-in with Mrs. Kehoe or Ms. Blain, Meet a Dean to talk about residential life with Mr. Fox and Mrs. LaPointe and many more fun offerings. Click here for the full listing.  
Summer Welcome was designed to help new students learn about Eaglebrook and make connections with faculty, other new students, and some returning students. The program consists of presentations about school life, informal games, and activities conducted by faculty and Sixth Form student leaders. The sessions run every other week, Wednesdays through Fridays throughout the summer, and the groups were sectioned by the geographical location of each student. The program is especially important this year, as the opening of the school orientation program will be adjusted to keep the community healthy and safe. Therefore, this program will allow students to learn and get orientated before arriving on the Hill in September. 
Paul Cyr-Mutty, Assistant Head; Dean of Faculty mentioned, “The Summer Welcome and Summer Connections programs are helping the school community to stay better connected over the summer. The Summer Welcome for New Students is meeting every other week to get to know each other and learn a bit about school life, and the Summer Connections, which meets on the weeks in between the Summer Welcome weeks, is allowing students, both new and returning, to connect with each other while engaging in activities- sports, arts, and academics- in areas that interest them. Both programs have been well attended and are exciting opportunities for learning, growing, and being together.”
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