Summer Semester Goes Digital

Eaglebrook welcomed 100 students to the Hill last year in July for the annual Summer Semester. This year, the program was forced to moved online. The program kicked off last week with boys and girls ages 12 - 15 engaging in classes via Zoom with experienced Eaglebrook faculty from 6:00 - 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Click here to view Brian Rose’s, Director of Summer Semester, welcome message to all students and families. 

The program which runs through July 31 mirrors the culture and teaching approaches of the School’s well-established regular program in an intimate and interactive learning environment that features small classes with experienced teachers. It was designed to help foster core learning skills and develop the organization and time management abilities needed to thrive in traditional independent school programs. Each student takes either two English language-based classes or an English and history class, that have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each student also takes a flex class in a subject that is of interest to them. The flex class offerings include Computer Science, Cell Phone Photography, and Public Speaking. Additionally, each student received an advisor who helps both the student and the family navigate the program, and the advisor serves as a link between the School and the student’s teachers. Every week students have individual and group meetings with their advisors, in which they explore areas of leadership, goal setting, and interpersonal and communication skills.  

The start of this year's summer program was different but exciting! We have 35 students engaged in online learning and advising. The program was designed using Eaglebrook's existing curriculum and focuses on exposure and enrichment. Students have been energetic and positive and they are settling into routines well,” said Brian Rose, Director of Summer Semester.

Learn more about Eaglebrook’s Digital Summer Experience by visiting 

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    • Digital Summer Experience students giving big thumbs up in Mrs. Reuss-Congleton's Literature class.

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