A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine


Jeff joined the Eaglebrook faculty in 2019 as a teacher, advisor, and coach. He teaches Beginning and Intermediate Mandarin. He coaches martial arts and wrestling. Jeff lives in Kravis with his wife, Daphne, son, Will, dog, Cooper, and cat, Mini.
Name: Jeff Lamb

College/Grad School: B.A University of Iowa, M.E.D Penn State University 

What are your roles at Eaglebrook? Chinese teacher, advisor in Kravis, Martial Arts and Wrestling coach. 

Proudest Achievement? Being a parent is a really wonderful thing. 

Last book you read? Of Medal and Earth by Jennifer Lane. 

Movie you would recommend? Not One Less by Zhang Yimou

Currently on your playlist? The Grateful Dead are always on my playlist. 

Favorite Food? Pizza 

Best Advice Ever Received? Learn how to learn. 

Why Eaglebrook? It looked like a great fit for me and my family. There is something similar about the schedule and routines at Eaglebrook, which aligns with camp life and the way you are interacting with the kids throughout the day. You see the students in a variety of different activities throughout the day and you are able to be there for the students. The lessons in the classrooms can extend into the dorms. You are able to work with the students in multiple ways and get to know the students well. 

What are your interests/hobbies? I love to refinish antiques. 

What animal do you identify with most? Dogs 

One word that describes me? Indecisive 

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