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The Fourth Form Visits the Indian House in Old Deerfield

On the final day of the fall trimester, the Fourth Form class, along with their Colonial American History teachers, visited the Pocumtuck Valley Museum Association’s Indian House on Wednesday, November 21 as a capstone to their study of life in Colonial America. Students spent the morning alternating between various rooms, each with its own focus. There was the kitchen, where students cooked Hasty Pudding (oatmeal with butter, sugar, and cream) and Pompions, cooked pumpkin with sugar, cinnamon, and ginger on a hearth. The group moved from the kitchen to a room where they learned about the household goods of nearby native populations from that time, then on to the tavern room, where a woman in character as an American colonist told her tale of the Raid of 1704 on Deerfield. The last room visited was the bedroom, where students learned the story of Nuthatch, a Pocumtuck Indian who shared the story of the white people moving in and taking land that was once used by her tribe.
Brian Rose ‘98, History Department Chair explained, “We take this trip to Old Deerfield as a culminating event of our local history unit. For the final two weeks of the trimester, each Colonial History class examined the Raid on Deerfield in 1704. The goal of the unit was to explore the five cultures that were involved in the raid and learn about their various perspectives.” He went on to say, “The trip allows the Fourth Form to have a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning that pertains to our local area.” 

See photos from the trip here and learn more about the Fourth Form Curriculum at Eaglebrook by visiting www.eaglebrook.org/fourth-form
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