Members of Sustainability Committee Participate in the Global Climate Strike

Millions of young people across the world gathered to protest and demand action be taken to address climate change on Friday, September 20. Greta Thunberg, a young environmental activist from Sweden was the one who sparked the global movement last year. Locally, nine Eaglebrook students participated in the Climate Strike rally in Greenfield, MA with roughly 120 students from other local schools. These nine students were selected because of their previous activity with the Sustainability Committee or because of their enthusiasm for being more involved this year. Greg C. ’20, a member of the Sustainability Committee said, “the climate strike was an opportunity for a few members of our community to raise awareness while showing our government that climate change is affecting our planet. Greg went on to say, “it was cool to see many other young people supporting and wanting to help fight climate change. The main goal of the rally was to raise awareness to the people of Greenfield and our government.” Lastly, Greg said, “the local citizens passing by were pleased and happy to see the younger generation taking action against climate change; they would honk and wave!” 

The Sustainability Committee will be busy this year. One of the committee's main goals is to reduce waste and conserve energy around campus. They will continue working on reducing the use of plastic water bottles on campus. The school gave each student a reusable water bottle this year and everyone seems to be utilizing them. There were some concerns that they would be hard to clean, so the Sustainability Committee is working k to find a solution to this issue. The group will also begin planning for the Green Cup Challenge, an inter-dorm contest that encourages dorms to limit their energy use. 

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