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TEDxEaglebrookSchool 2019 Recap

Eaglebrook hosted its third annual TEDx event on April 20, 2019. TEDx is an offshoot of TED, and the purpose is to spread ideas through short talks. Moreover, TEDx means the event was organized independently from TED. Jim Fay, TEDxEaglebrookSchool Coordinator said, “This event was born of student passion and initiative and continues to be student-driven including on-campus promotion, student speakers, and much of the event production.” He goes on to say, “The TEDx stage has also shown a spotlight on the ideas and work of these alumni, past parents, and students and their recorded talks are a tool in their own professional advancement.”

There were seven total speakers; three Eaglebrook students and four outside speakers. The Eaglebrook students included James Chen '20 who discussed  "The Dao of Traditional Chinese Medicine", Dylan Kim '20 who discussed "Designer CRIPSR Babies - the Future of Mankind?" and Edward Park '19 who discussed "Holy White Hollywood". The guest speakers included Dr. Bob Arnot P09 who discussed "The Ultimate Super Food", Robert Burnett '04 who discussed "Great Decisions Don't Always Feel Right", Rodney Rowland '82 P11  who discussed "Keeping Our History Above Water" and lastly Philip Silva '96 who discussed "How Much Poverty Should Exist in the World?"

Watch the videos from the incredible night at www.eaglebrook.org/TEDX. If you want to be a speaker at TEDxEaglebrookSchool 2020, you can register here! Our next TEDx event will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2020, at 7:00 p.m in the Bartlett Assembly. Contact Jim Fay for more details and to reserve tickets.
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