Global Day 2019

The goal of the Global Day 2019 at Eaglebrook was to understand our connections to the world around us, to have fun in the world around us, and to understand that the world around us consists of both community and the environment. Global Day was held on Wednesday, May 8. Each Form spent the day off-campus learning about the community and themselves.
The theme for the Third Form day was, “How does changing land use affect habitats?” Therefore, they spent the day at the McLaughlin Fish Hatchery and the Quabbin Reservoir. At the McLaughlin Hatchery, students observed and learned about man-made hatchery and the fish and wildlife fish stocking program. They also participated in fish stocking the Swift River. After stocking the river, burgers and hotdogs were grilled and a game of kickball was played before making their way to the Quabbin Reservoir. Once arriving at the Quabbin, the group participated in a trail service project and learned about the construction of the dam and its impact on animal habitats. See photos from the Third Form Global Day here.
Fourth Formers spent the day at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. The goals laid out for the Fourth Formers were to understand that all parts of an ecosystem play an important role, to understand that everything in an ecosystem is connected, and to understand that we are all part of an ecosystem. At the farm, students explored, learned, and played using the farm's extensive fields, forests, trails, and barns. They learned about agriculture, our local food system, and the environment. Activities ranged from hoeing and weeding the garden, and milking the cows. See photos from the Fourth Form Global Day here.
The questions asked to the Fifth Formers were, what does it mean to be a steward of our community? and what does it mean to be a leader of our community? One of the major themes for the Fifth Form was “Who am I as a leader?” The class spent the day at High5 Adventure Education Center in Brattleboro, VT. High5 Adventure gives students experiences that provide an effective tool for improving the way they live, learn, work, and lead together. At High5 Adventure, the group used ropes courses and other adventure projects to promote self-awareness, self-confidence, trust, communication, problem-solving skills, and group cooperation. See photos from the Fifth Form Global Day here.
What does it mean to be a steward of our community and environment? How do you want to be remembered in your community? What are the lasting impacts you are leaving on your community and the environment? These were the questions posed to the Sixth Form students. In the morning, the students worked on campus in groups of four to construct birdhouses. The birdhouses were pre-cut, but the students did not receive instructions regarding how to build them. Instead, they had to rely on teamwork, leadership, communication, and cooperation. After the birdhouses were completed, they hiked around campus to find appropriate locations to hang them. These birdhouses, in addition to being good for the environment around the school, also symbolize the legacy that these students will leave on campus after they graduate. In the afternoon, the group was treated to a white water rafting adventure with CrabApple Whitewater in Charlemont, Massachusetts. See photos from the Sixth Form Global Day here.
Global Day allows our students to get a sense of how the environment and the local community around work together.
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