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Faculty Travel to China to Gain a Global Perspective

Eaglebrook has sent faculty to China each March for the past six years. In turn, Eaglebrook has welcomed educators from The Little Bridge School in Shanghai, China for the past three years. This year, Ms. Nicole Lavin-Williams, Ms. Erin Maclachlan, Mrs. Ruth Koenigsbauerr, Mr. Karl Koenigsbauer, and Mrs. Shappy LaPointe took the trip. The group, led by Ms. Yuan-Hsiu Lien, Chinese and Diversity Coordinator, traveled around China for two and a half weeks.

The opportunity for faculty began in 2014 when an Eaglebrook family thought it would be important for faculty to have a better understanding of China. Initially, the family supported trips to China for two teachers for three years. The trip became successful, as faulty were able to better understand the students from China. A few years later, families began funding the “Chinese Culture Fund” in order for more faculty to experience the culture. The opportunity allows colleagues to bond and examine Eaglebrook from a different point of view. Moreover, colleagues on the trip are able to examine their individual work and the work of Eaglebrook as a whole. Faculty are also able to connect with the newly accepted families and help them get to know the school’s current families from that specific area. Lastly, faculty are able to learn about the diverse history and complexity of China.

The group went to four cities Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Taipei. Some of the highlights included going to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Temple of Heaven. They also organized a gathering in Beijing for Eaglebrook families. In Xi’an, the group visited the terracotta warriors and in Shanghai, they went to Pinghe School and The Little Bridge School. In Taipei, the group hiked the tallest mountain in the city with Hilton Chao’11 and visited the Taipei Fuhsing Private School.

“I am very proud and feel fortunate that we have the ability to take a different group faculty each year to China as this travel offers a very rich experience and values lifelong learning,” said Ms. Lien. She continues, “As educators working at a school that hosts many international students, we continue to learn and understand our international population. This experience has helped us have a global perspective when we interact with our families around the world.”
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