A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Three Educators from Shanghai Visit Eaglebrook

Three educators from The Little Bridge School located in Shanghai, China visited Eaglebrook Monday, January 28th through Friday, February 1st. The Little Bridge School has been open for a little over one year. Little Bridge is a branch of the Pinghe School, a larger school in Shanghai that is Kindergarten through 12. Little Bridge is currently for grades 1 and 2, but they are expanding and will open for grades 1 through 5 next year. The three educators who visited were Ms. Tengfei Zheng, Director of the Curriculum Center, Ms. Jin Lan, Director of Aesthetics Curriculum and lastly, Ms. Jiexiu Li, Head of 2nd Grade.  

Mr. Paul Cyr-Mutty, Assistant Head and Dean of Faculty, said, “the visiting educators sought to understand how Eaglebrook works, and what they can learn from our experience. We, in turn, have found that hosting educators from other countries affords us the opportunity to reflect on our own practices.” The Little Bridge School is now part of the Eaglebrook family. Eaglebrook has been collaborating with The Bridge School for the past three years. During March break, Ms. Yuan-Hsiu Lien, one of Eaglebrook’s Chinese teachers, has accompanied groups of faculty members to The Little Bridge School. While there, Eaglebrook faculty members were able to visit classes, meet with teachers and staff, and tour the campus and facilities. Eaglebrook faculty members who have visited China include Mrs. Emily Fay, Mr. Richard Fox, Ms. Emily Landau, Mr. Bart Landenberger, Ms. Jennie McAvoy, Mr. Mark Mariani, Ms. Wendi Melnik, and Ms. Lois Moulton.
The educators stayed very busy while on the Eaglebrook campus. On Monday, they shadowed a student from each Form throughout the day. They attended the weekly faculty meeting, visited the pool, and attended the evening Day Parent Conference. The trio traveled with the band for their outreach performance on Tuesday and then visited the gym during athletics  The Little Bridge teachers also connected with one of the dorms during the transition to evening study hall. They spent the first part of Wednesday with the Third Form students as they built cardboard sleds for Winter Carnival. Thursday brought a meeting with Department Chairs and Deans and then they shadowed some elective teachers. On their final day, they participated in the first day of Winter Carnival weekend, just as our parents would, and followed the schedule for the day. They got to attend a performance of the winter play, “The Taming of the Shrew” that evening.
The educators from the Little Bridge School were struck by the positive connections they observed between Eaglebrook students and faculty members. They appreciated the open-mindedness of the students in the classrooms. Headmaster Mr. Andrew Chase said, “It was great to have the guests from the Little Bridge School visit Eaglebrook. We have visited them for the last three years and it was nice for them to spend time on our campus. Six of our faculty members will be visiting them in March including Ms. Nicole Lavin-Williams, Ms. Erin Maclachlan, Mrs. Ruth, and Mr. Karl Koenigsbauer and Ms. Shappy LaPointe, and we hope to keep collaborating and building bridges with them."
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