Eaglebrook Sustainability Committee Launches Successful Shoe Drive

The Eaglebrook Sustainability Committee launched the school’s first-ever shoe drive at the beginning of October, which ran until November 2nd. The Sustainability Committee, managed by Ms. Kat Celata, has a total of 20 members who help organize the various sustainable campus projects. This year, the committee partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization based in Nashville, TN. All shoes donated will go directly to Soles4Souls. Collection boxes were placed in each of the six dorms on campus. Three hundred pairs of shoes were donated from October 5th to November 2nd. Ms. Celata said, “We did not set a goal, because we were unsure if students would have donations to give in the fall, so we are excited by our numbers.”

Soles4Souls works with over 127 countries and all 50 States. In recent years, they have been involved with Tsunami & Hurricane relief. Moreover, they help impoverished communities start small businesses through the recycling of shoes. Therefore, the majority of the shoes donated by the Eaglebrook will go to shelters and natural disaster relief efforts.

The Sustainability Committee next will turn their attention to eliminating single-use plastic from the Eaglebrook campus. The committee will ask students, faculty, and staff to take a pledge to remove disposable water bottles from campus. Pledges will be posted throughout campus for students, faculty, and staff to sign. Learn more about Sustainability at Eaglebrook at www.eaglebrook.org/sustainability.
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