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Varsity Tennis v. Cardigan Mountain

Result: Win 12-0
For the final match of the year (and on the hottest day of the season!), the Eaglebrook Varsity Tennis team hosted our friends from up north, Cardigan Mountain School. Team spirits were high, but a bit nervous given we were going into this match undefeated and did not want to break the streak. With tents for shade and snacks aplenty, the healthy crowd was ready for the friendly rivalry to begin.

Things started off well in the doubles, as we won each of the three matches (worth one point), as well as our exhibition doubles. It was clear that the new partnerships gelling over the past few weeks had finalized into formidable pairings, as communication was clear and the partners’ various skills complemented each other perfectly.

Singles went equally well, as the Eagles triumphed in all eight matches. Most impressively, each player played with aggression, and the habits of “pushing” we occasionally saw earlier in the season were long gone. This is a team that has recognized that they play better when they attack the ball and swing with confidence, yet also has incredible touch and finesse when needed. The Brookies have also overcome their fear of net play, and their balanced net/baseline play makes them extremely dangerous in any setting. The Cougars put up a good fight and handled the day with grace and sportsmanship as always. Thanks to CMS for making the drive and being such kind and competitive guests.

Coaches Fay and Townsend could not be prouder of this team. Yes, 10-0 is something to hang our hats on. But more importantly, this was a group that played like a team... not so easy for a sport often labeled as one for individuals. They supported one another, took defeats in stride, and had fun along the way. Congrats to the undefeated 2018 Varsity tennis team, well played.
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