A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Ultimate at NEPSUL

Another tournament, another rainy day. This seems to be the way this year. However our spirits were high when we took to the fields for our 9 am game. Despite playing hard and well we were down by a score of 6 to 4 against Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall school. In the end we lost 11 to 4. Then the rain really set in for our second game. We were up against Williston’s team for the second time in four days. Once again we ended the first half down 6 to 4. But unlike in the previous game we kept scoring in the second half. Ultimately we lost again, this time by a score of 9 to 11. Despite these two losses I was quite pleased with our play. We moved the disc down the field well and had both teams backed up to 8s and 9s in the stall counts for many of their possessions. They beat us mostly due to their ability to catch the long huck in the end zone. This defeat put us in the 9th - 12th place bracket, and so for our third game we gave more playing time to the guys who didn’t get as much in the first two games. In this game we squared off against an opponent from the Amherst Invitational in The Cambridge School of Weston. I was pleased with the water cooler samba drummers raising the spirits on the sidelines. The singing that came in the second half was a bit less enjoyable but all in good fun. We lost that game by a score of 11 to 2. Of note in this game was that Andy Choi scored his first point of the season for us. By the fourth game all of our towels were soaked but our spirits not as much so. We played a long hucking game against Choate Rosemary Hall’s JV team and lost 11 to 4. Soaked to the bone we headed back to school.

I would like to thank all of the players who played with us this year. Each contributed in their own way and to the best of their abilities.
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