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Varsity Tennis v. Deerfield Academy

The Eagles made the short trip down the hill for the return challenge with the talented JV squad from Deerfield. The first matchup had been the most competitive match for our team this season, and the boys were excited to measure their growth this season. In the shadow of the impressive new indoor courts being built at Deerfield, and with the beeps and buzzing of construction, as well as the hurrah’s of Lacrosse games and PA systems cranking AC/DC, the teams set off in the opening doubles matches. Many schools create doubles teams by simply pairing their top 2 players for first doubles, 3rd and 4th best singles players for the 2nd doubles pairing, and so on. Eaglebrook’s doubles teams are mixed to take advantage of chemistry and skills, and it has made for some fantastic matches this season. Today did not disappoint. The top pairing of Jones and Edwards earned an 8-4 victory against a wiley duo who pounded the ball deep and covered the court well. Pontones and Martinez were tested against the Twins whose voracious ball strikes and were impressive, and at times intimidating. However, the pair lifted each other in moments of doubt and cheered each other in moments of success, ultimately earning an 8-6 victory, and with it the doubles point. Dylan Zhu joined John Pope for a difficult defeat at the third pair that did include a late rally to close the score, 5-8. Park and Souyah were effective in their exhibition matchup winning neatly.

The singles matches were each hotly contested. Edward Park pushes his opponent to a 3rd set tiebreaker where Edwards held on to earn a point for the team. Goyo Martinez and Rohan Edwards faced stiff competition at the 5 and 4 spots, respectively, and made their opponent work dutifully, despite ultimate yielding in defeat. John Pope was eager to set back out on the court following doubles play. He was swift and efficient en route to a convincing victory at the #3 spot. Ben Jones took on former Eaglebrook Captain Jeffrey So and was determined to prove that his strong performance in April was not a fluke. Ben earned the victory in straight sets. At the top spot, Alexis Pontones was pushed to a tiebreaker in his first match against the Deerfield #1, and Alexis set his sights on a more one-sided outcome. With focus and determination, Alexis responded to his opponent's powerful strokes and artful touch shots to redirect his power, and outmaneuver his touch. With Alexis’s victory, the Eagles earned an impressive 5-2 overall victory, and continue forward with their undefeated season. 
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