A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Ultimate v. Academy at Charlemont

Win 15 to 2
The grass was green and lush. The sun had warmed up the Ultimate field. It was so glorious outside that this coach needed to take off his shoes for this game. And then the game began. Our score at the end of the half was 7 to nothing. It was 15 to 2 at the end.
Our scorers in the first half were Jack Sun, Wylie Clarke (twice), Qais Hijazi, Adrian Todd, Alex Ahmed, and a scorer that I neglected to write down. My apologies to that deserving young man. The passers of those discs were Wylie, Morgan Lui, Jeffrey Lim, Henry Weimeyer, Alex, and Ben King.

Scorers in the second half were Jaden Chyu, Conrad Holmes, Sean Meng (twice), Alex, Morgan, and Brandon Ryu. Assistors were Hojun Lee, Ian Lee, Henry (four times), Wylie, and Ben.
Next up is an away game vs Williston on Thursday.
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