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Varsity Tennis v. Kimball Union Academy

Result: Win 7-0

After yesterday’s away match versus Choate Rosemary Hall was cancelled, the Eaglebrook Varsity Tennis squad was even more excited to get their season underway. Fueled up with Vermont Country Deli sandwiches (and a healthy dose of Led Zeppelin's "How the West was Won"), we journeyed 90 minutes north to Kimball Union Academy on a lovely New England afternoon. As we got off the bus, it was clearly in the low 30’s, but fortunately we got underway immediately and kept warm.

The three doubles pairings managed 8-0,8-0,8-2 victories (good for one point), and the doubles exhibition ended at 8-3. The Brookies earned another six points in the singles matches, dropping only seven games out of 79 games. It was a nice start, and a friendly round of gentlemanly play all around. Back on the bus for some Aretha Franklin "Live at Fillmore West" and then on the road next Friday to nearby rival NHM. So far, so good!
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