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The Eaglebrook Digital Summer GLP Experience for boys aged 12 - 15 mirrors the culture and teaching approaches of the school’s well established regular program in an intimate and interactive learning environment which features small classes (roughly 4-8 students per class) with experienced Eaglebrook teachers. It is designed to help foster core learning skills and develop the organization and time management abilities needed to thrive in traditional independent school programs. 
Each student’s customized learning program includes core academic classes that follow curricular goals similar to those that the school targets during the regular school year while also focusing on leadership skills. For their core classes, students must take one English class centered on a leadership assessment test, one U.S. history or Science in Nature class. Each of the first two classes will be grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels based on their English skills. Students will also take a flex class from a variety of topics of interest to them. 
One of the cornerstones of Eaglebrook’s educational approach is its emphasis on strong, positive relationships between students and teachers. Similarly, the Digital Summer GLP Experience pairs each student with a faculty advisor who helps both the student and the family navigate and make the most of the program and also serves as a link between the school and the child’s teachers. Each week students will have an individual and group meetings with their advisor, in which they explore areas of leadership, goal setting and interpersonal and communication skills.

Program Details

Dates for Eaglebrook's Global Leadership Digital Summer Experience: August 5 - 18, 2020

Ages: 12-15


Rolling Admissions runs through July 25. 

Please contact globalleadership@eaglebrook.org with any questions.

Daily Schedule

Monday - Sunday
6:00 a.m. EDT Leadership Group/Advisee Meeting
6:30 a.m. EDT School Meeting/Global Issue Presentation
7:00 a.mEDT Core Class #1 
8:00 a.m. EDT Core Class #2
9:00 a.m. EDT Flex Class
Find the core course offerings and elective offerings below. Students will have the option to choose any two core courses and one elective offering.

Curricular Goals

Core classes: The Core Classes introduce key aspects of Eaglebrook’s curriculum through the lenses of English and history. These classes primarily focus on the critical communication skills of reading, writing, and public speaking.

Flex classes:  The Flex Classes offer educational enrichment and increased development of English language skills through courses that look beyond the boundaries of traditional academic classes and model Eaglebrook’s rich elective system.

Learning Tools: The Eaglebrook Digital Summer GLP Experience will leverage technology to aid the learning experience. Drawing on our recent development of a Distance Learning Program this spring, we will utilize Schoology as our main class management program and supplement this with apps and programs such as EdpuzzleCommonlitFlipgrid, and Newsela. These effective and easy to learn systems allow us to engage students in a variety of ways while enabling teachers to keep their focus on the strong relational teaching and thoughtful, structured practices that Eaglebrook prides itself on.

Core Courses

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  • Leadership/English Course

    Using the Gallup, Clifton Strengths Assessment Test, the students will uncover and explore their top five leadership skills and learn ways to utilize those strengths. As they investigate each of their strengths, they will improve their English communication skills through various reading, writing and discussion activities. They will be asked to work cooperatively as they highlight their talents and bring out the best in each other.
  • History Course

    This course is designed for students of varying English language skills. The issues of the 21st century United States are investigated, as the class looks into the past to better understand each topic’s origins. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on evaluating the leadership qualities of those who have impacted U.S. history. Conversation, listening, reading, reporting, speaking and writing will be stressed. This course previews material from Eaglebrook’s history curriculum. 
  • Science Course

    In science classes, students participate in both small and large group discussions under the guidance of the teacher. They will virtually explore Eaglebrook’s natural surroundings, as they investigate the natural world. They will focus on understanding how species in different ecosystems interact. Students will investigate where species live and which of those make up a community and ecosystem. An overview of cells, plants, the food chain, and biomes in marine and forest ecosystems is also investigated.

Flex Courses

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  • Electives

    Note: These courses are available depending on interest. 

    2D Art
    Books at Bedtime
    Cell Phone Photography 
    Computer Science
    Design Around Us
    Exploring Graphic Novels
    History of Sports
    Poetry in Motion
    Public Speaking
    SSAT Verbal
    SSAT Math
    The News
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